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What Can The World Expect On Apple’s September 9 Event?

What Can The World Expect On Apple’s September 9 Event?

Here’s what we know for sure ( so far) -- Apple will be holding an event on September 9th Wednesday at the Civic Auditorium (which has a 7,000 seat capacity) located in the city of San Francisco, California. The invitations that were sent out featured a statement that teases: “Hey Siri, give us a hint.” Oh, and the whole event will be streamed live.


Other than this, everything is just a bunch of rumors (however likely) and unconfirmed reports (because for many years now, Apple has always had a good track record of keeping its secrets until the big reveal day). Still, there is no harm in laying out the possible devices, features, and new stuff that will be unveiled during the September 9 event.


New iPhones. There is a very strong possibility (many industry watchers already consider it a given) that Apple will be introducing new iPhone devices, most likely the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. What is less certain is the idea that a new, smaller iPhone, sort of an iPhone 4S version of the iPhone 6 will be announced. 


Apple has always unveiled a new iPhone on a September month for almost a decade now so the odds are pretty high. The only thing left to wonder about is what the new iPhone model/s bring to the table, which brings us to the next section.


Force Touch. This is a new piece of technology that facilitates various modes of operating a mobile device’s display screen based on pressure sensitive interactions. In other words, with the use of this tech, mobile users can do a lot of different things using their smartphones and tablets depending on how hard or soft they press their fingers on their handset’s screen. 


Force Touch is expected to be the newest cool feature of the latest iPhone models. But since 2015 is basically an iPhone “S” year (iPhone “S” models typically do not have major upgrades, usually just retaining the design and look of their predecessors and introducing a few minor tweaks to the hardware and software), there may not be anything else more to look forward to, features wise.


Better, Faster Processing. There has been a lot of talk about an enhanced A9 processor for the new iPhones. There are also rumors that the latest smartphones will come with a Qualcomm chip that improves LTE download speeds from 150 mbps to 300 mbps. Moreover, there were numerous reports suggesting that the upcoming iPhone versions will feature more random access memory (RAM). 


Improved Cameras. It is a good bet that the new iPhones will come with a 12 megapixel camera, which should be a significant improvement on the current iPhone 6’s 8 megapixel camera. Also, the front camera (1.2 megapixel on the current iPhones) will be boosted to 5 megapixels. 


New iPads. A lot of people are clamoring for the release of the iPad Pro, which comes with a 12.9 inch display screen. It is very likely that Apple will be unveiling a new iPad come September 9, but is it going to be one that features a 12.9 display screen? The jury is out on that one.


What about Split Screen View for the iPads? This looks like a surer bet -- Apple has already provided instructions for developers on how to incorporate Slide Over and Split View functionalities for the upcoming iPads. 


As mentioned earlier, Apple is good at keeping secrets, so until September 9 arrives, all bets are off. But it is always good to consider the possibilities. After all, we can always dream on.