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T-Mobile Launches International Calling Promo

T-Mobile Launches International Calling Promo

Earlier this week, T-Mobile launched a special promo that offered customers a chance to get a free Android tablet. Not only that, the carrier also offered a $100 discount on any Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone or Samsung Galaxy Note 3. In terms of early holiday deals, it appears that T-Mobile is eagerly launching itself off the blocks in order to get ahead of the competition. 


And now, the carrier continues to offer early holiday treats by introducing a pair of options for its subscribers who like to make calls to countries outside the United States. Effective today, customers under any Simple Choice plan can add unlimited international landline calls to their plans for $5 each month.


This promo is good until the end of the year, so those planning to make a lot of international calls can do well to avail of this special offer right away. And those who manage to do avail of the promo can carry the plans over into next year and beyond. 


The unlimited international calling add-on is covering as many as 70 countries as part of the Stateside International Talk plan. It should be noted that the $5 add-on fee is for the entire account, and not charged per line of service.


The other option that T-Mobile is offering allows subscribers to get a $10 add-on that already includes unlimited international mobile-to-mobile calls. This option covers more than 30 countries, and even provides 1,000 minutes of mobile-to-mobile calls per line for Mexico-bound calls. 


A year ago, T-Mobile became the first major wireless carrier in the US to offer free SMS and 2G data for American customers who go visit other countries. And now with these two new add-on options for international calling, the carrier is expanding its reach yet again. 


The other major wireless carriers also offer international calling plans, but most of them tend to be pay-to-save arrangements. For instance, with Verizon, $5 monthly would give you a rate of $0.15 per minute rather than $1.50 per minute. Other plans are specific to certain countries. For example, AT&T's $5.99 monthly Call Canada plan only applies to calls made to America's neighboring northern country. Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are the only ones that really target international calling demographics.


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