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Sprint’s iPhone For Life Now Has 30-Month Option

Sprint iPhone For Life Now Has 30-Month Option

Sprint has expanded its popular iPhone for Life plan to include a new option that allows subscribers to lease the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus over the course of 30 months.


In this new option, subscribers will need to pay $18 each month in order to lease the 16 gigabyte edition of the iPhone 6, and $23 each month for the 16 gigabyte edition of the iPhone 6 Plus.


On top of the new 30-month period, Sprint subscribers can also opt to lease an iPhone over: 1) 12 months at $30 each month for the iPhone 6 16 gigabyte edition, or 2) 24 months at $20 each month based on the previous terms of the iPhone for Life program.


Sprint first introduced the iPhone for Life program not long after the two new iPhone 6 models were released. Basically, the plan lets subscribers lease an iPhone on a monthly basis, at the same time, providing them with an option to upgrade to a new iPhone model when their lease period is over.


Primarily, the program was introduced to urge subscribers to move on to a new iPhone model. However, the upgrade option is not the only thing customers can take advantage of when their lease period ends. They can also opt to purchase the device they leased, continue to lease the device monthly, or cancel their plan entirely and return the device they leased.


Compared to other carriers who offer financing and early upgrade options for the new iPhone models (which lets customers pay in the range of $35 each month for iPhone 6 16 gigabyte edition), Sprint's iPhone for Life plan appears to be the more budget-friendly option -- that is, if subscribers are keen to upgrade to next year's new iPhone release and keep themselves always updated with the latest technology.


If subscribers really want to make the most of Sprint's iPhone for Life program, they may do well to also get the carrier's $50 Simply Unlimited for iPhone 6 plan, which offers unlimited calls, text messaging, and data for $50 each month.


As for those current Sprint subscribers who are now willing to upgrade to the new iPhone, they can take home the device by paying $5 each month via Sprint's iPhone loyalty offer.


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