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AppLOUD App Not Only Turns Musicians Viral, They Get Tips Too

AppLOUD App Not Only Turns Musicians Viral, They Get Tips Too

Nowadays, budding artists and musicians don't have to rely on luck to be able to gain the exposure they need to be discovered in their craft. As a matter of fact, all they need is a video camera enabled smartphone, Wi-Fi access, and a social media account so they can already start gaining the attention they need to be an instant celebrity. But if there's a new app that promises to help these musicians gain exposure, it's no other than startup company called appLOUD.


As a social media website, appLOUD focuses on simply providing videos based on performances by talented individuals. There's no way other niches and categories get mixed in on their feed so for those who happen to chance upon the app looking for selfies or food shots, prepare to be disappointed. What appLOUD does is that it creates a micro-crowdfunding platform where mobile users can directly upload videos they recently witnessed. The video, however, should be of a musical talent and not just anything random added onto the website. 


The content of the app is uploaded by fans who were able to witness another individual play great live music. By uploading the video, he can tag the artist's twitter account so that he can help him make money. As soon as the twitter handle has been tagged, appLOUD is able to automatically add information and links on how the artist may be contacted, tipped, and even promote his next show.


While there are websites such as YouTube and Spotify, appLOUD does more for the artist instead of the website. As a matter of fact, a $1 tip left on the app is already able to land the artist money instead of getting him viral on other websites. In order to fund itself, appLOUD manages to collect 10% from the tips and affiliate fees from ticket and music sales. In the long run, the app believes that promoters and venues will be able to pay a subscription fee in order to access data from the artist.


appLOUD is a startup founded by Cecilia Pagkalinawan, who after intensive study and research carefully assessed whether or not this startup would be a viable project. After speaking with musicians, labels, venues, and managers, Pagkalinawan realized what the music scene needed and thus created this project.


As of this writing, the app has already raised $130,000 in seed funding from various investors. Not to mention, the app has gained the support of music industry executives helping out as advisors to the startup.