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Introducing Twitter Offers, A New Commerce Product From Twitter

Introducing Twitter Offers, A New Commerce Product From Twitter

Twitter recently announced that it is currently testing a new commerce product called Twitter Offers. Two months ago in September, the social networking company had introduced its first commerce product -- a BUY button that lets users buy items directly through tweets. Twitter Offers is a welcome addition to the company's commerce lineup. Targeting business entities who want to advertise via Twitter, Twitter Offers will allow companies to offer cashback rewards through their tweets, and those rewards will link directly with the debit and credit cards of consumers.


Twitter Offers does offer some advantages for buyers. For example, you saw an offer in your Twitter timeline that promises $2 back on a $5 purchase at a particular shop, you should be able to apply that cashback reward to your credit card via Twitter. 


Then when you do go visit that shop, you will not need to bring any coupon. You just need to pay using your credit card and the cashback payment should be reflected on your statement shortly thereafter.


According to Twitter, the card link-up was already developed by CardSpring, a card-linking app platform that the social media giant acquired back in July of this year. So any worries about Twitter sticking its head where it is not supposed to (credit card technology) should be put to rest.


As for business entities, Twitter Offers gives them a way of making sure if their ads on Twitter are actually encouraging consumers to make purchases in their shops. More importantly, Twitter Offers provides them with a nice opportunity to reach out to their target audience, and maybe even tailor their marketing and promotions. All through Twitterverse, of course. 


But wait -- is the system safe? After all, in order to take advantage of the deals (and future ones), you will need to share debit or credit card information with Twitter, right? With regards to security, Twitter claims that any debit or credit card information will be encrypted and safely stored. On top of that, Twitter will let the users remove their card information from their Twitter accounts whenever they please. 


Twitter Offers is undergoing extensive testing on mobile devices and desktop computers for now. But it is really difficult to imagine it not up and running by the time the holiday season starts. Who knows, people might start seeing those cashback rewards on their Twitter feeds in the days or weeks to come.