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So What Are The Big Four Carriers Offering This Black Friday?

So What Are The Big Four Carriers Offering This Black Friday?

Black Friday mania might get exaggerated at times (and we get the feeling that sellers like it that way), but this annual event does serve up some really interesting and worthwhile deals, if one only knows where to look. With regards to that, we can offer some assistance through our official Black Friday smartphone sales guide. But for those who want to limit their search among the four national carriers in the United States (namely Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint), here’s your guide (carriers shown in alphabetical order).


Despite the fact that AT&T’s web page for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals is already live, the deals might not be what you call overflowing. Still, there is a nice special offer that involves the carrier’s DirecTV Now video streaming offering -- those who avail of the deal can get an Apple TV, free of charge, if they are willing to sign up for four months of DirecTV Now. On top of that, they also get to own a free Roku streaming stick if they decide to pay for a couple of months of service.

The second biggest wireless carrier in America does have an active deal that involves Samsung’s Galaxy S8, but it appears to be a separate offer from the company’s Black Friday deals. Still, interested parties can pounce on this offer -- if they purchase two Galaxy S8 units via AT&T Next, they will get the second handset free of charge (courtesy of bill credits). To take full advantage of the discount, those who sign up will need to stay on AT&T’s network for a period of 30 months, and they will be required to get a new line of service.


Sprint seems to be feeling extra generous this year, as evidenced by its deals that mostly offer Android devices at half price. The great thing about the offer is that they happen to involve some of the best Android handsets this year, specifically the Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S8 Plus, the Galaxy S8 Active, and Motorola’s Moto Z2 Force Edition

Technically speaking, the handsets are offered for lease by way of a Sprint Flex lease plan (over a period of a couple of years). Customers, however, get the option to purchase the device at the end of the 2 year lease period. Still, just check out that pricing:

  • Galaxy Note 8 -- Offered at just $20 per month

  • Galaxy S8 -- Offered at just $15.62 per month

  • Galaxy S8 Plus -- Offered at just $17.71 per month

  • Galaxy S8 Active -- Offered at just $17.71 per month



If you fancy those buy one get one deals, then you are definitely gonna have a party with T-Mobile’s Black Friday deals. The number three mobile operator in the country literally has a BOGO deal on every iPhone model, except of course for the iPhone X.

The arrangement goes like this -- customers will be paying for the two handsets via T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan, which basically stretches the full retail cost over a period of two years. The second handset is essentially refunded by way of a prepaid MasterCard. The really great thing about T-Mobile’s Black Friday offering is that it extends to Samsung’s and LG’s high profile smartphone releases as well. The eligible models include:


Verizon Wireless

Like T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless is offering half price deals on various devices. The 50 percent discount however is in the form of bill credits that are applied over 24 months. In other words, if you do avail of this deal, do not plan on leaving the Big Red for the next couple of years. This deal is good for the following devices: