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Beats Music To Be Automatically Installed On All iOS Devices In 2015

Beats Music To Be Automatically Installed On All iOS Devices In 2015

Apple is planning to make Beats Music automatically part of its iOS software starting 2015. This means that beginning next year, every iPhone and iPad user will have the music subscription app pre-installed in their devices.


According to the Financial Times, Beats Music will become an iOS staple as early as March next year. This move may be a clear effort by Apple to encourage customers, especially those who are music buyers on iTunes, to try and experience the streaming service. With the Apple Pay mobile payment system already set in place, it would also be easier for the tech giant to establish a convenient platform for users to pay for their Beats Music monthly subscription.


Earlier this year, Apple had acquired Beats Music's parent company Beats Electronics for $3 billion. In effect, the tech giant not only procured the very popular headphones business segment of Beats, but also the Beats Music music streaming service itself, which launched in the United States in January of this year in order to compete with other music streaming services like Rhapsody and Spotify.


Many expect Beats Music to be re-branded when it gets re-launched next year. Most likely, the service will be merged under the iTunes brand. Also, it would not be a surprise if Apple aims for a global launch instead of just a US-based one, with the service being pushed to hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad devices all over the world.


Apple had disclosed last month that the number of music downloads in iTunes have been on a steady decline in 2014. Reports are even estimating the drop to be between 13 percent and 14 percent globally, year-on-year.


As for rival Spotify, it has more than 5o million active users today, with more than 12 million of them paying subscribers. If Apple manages to get Beats Music to every iPhone and iPad user, it might just give Spotify a run for its money.


Also, if Apple succeeds in attracting many users to its music streaming service, it just might be able to influence the pricing. According to some reports, the company is looking at a new price of $5 a month, which is half of the current $10 per month (Spotify also sets their subscription price at $10 a month).


Pricing aside, Apple just might add something to Beats Music that will make it the dominant player in the music streaming industry. The company has always had a knack for making their products the “must-haves” and it is possible they might pull off the same thing with Beats Music.