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Verizon Now Lets You Send Starbucks Gift Cards Through The Carrier’s Messages App

Verizon Now Lets You Send Starbucks Gift Cards Through The Carrier’s Messages App

Looking for gift ideas for family, friends, and colleagues for the holidays? There is still enough time to run to the nearest store or go the Internet and buy something online. But for those who do not mind waiting until the last minute to purchase their presents, Verizon Wireless has something that you might like.


Last Thursday, the carrier announced that it is now making Starbucks eGift cards directly available through the Verizon Messages app. This app is pre-installed on most smartphones pushed by Verizon, and now it has become a means for users to send caffeinated credits in the following denominations: $5, $10, and $25.


When users send a Starbucks eGift card via the Verizon Messages app, they have the option of selecting a background image for the card, and even compose a short message for the intended recipient. 


Those who receive a Starbucks eGift are provided a code which they either can use at Starbucks shops, or apply to their existing loyalty cards. 


The great thing about this is recipients do not have to be subscribers of Verizon. Also, the gift cards that users send to their friends are added directly to their monthly Verizon billing statements. 


The Verizon Messages app can be downloaded for free by Android- or iOS-using Verizon subscribers. Moreover, the service is available in the United States only. If you want to send a Starbucks gift card to a buddy or cousin in Europe, you are out of luck. 


The Verizon Messages app was first introduced by the carrier two years ago. The app basically lets users send and receive text messages over the Big Red's network (or Wi-Fi) from their smartphones, tablets, PC Macs, and Internet browsers. The app also comes with a messaging storage (where users can store messages up to three months), customized backgrounds, image editing features, location sharing (via Glympse), and a driving mode that helps protect users from distractions when they are out on a drive. 


Upon its release, the Verizon Messages app was recognized for its unique advantage. As a matter of fact, it was picked as the Best in Show for Emerging Technology at CTIA last year, and was selected by ZDNet this year as one of the coolest apps in 2014.


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