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Should Galaxy Note 4 Owners Be Worried About The CPSC Recalling Note 4 Batteries?

Should Galaxy Note 4 Owners Be Worried About The CPSC Recalling Note 4  Batteries?

The answer is no for now. Yes, it is true that batteries of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 are being recalled as of the moment, but there is not going to be another Galaxy Note 7 disaster this time. First of all, it is not the South Korean phone maker’s fault this time. This is because this recent recall pertains to Galaxy Note 4 batteries that were supplied by FedEx Supply Chain. 


As indicated in the official recall page found on the website of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), these batteries were found to have the potential to overheat, possibly causing fires and even burn related injuries or damage. So far, a total of 10,200 batteries are being recalled right now, and while that number is not low, it is not as high as the number of Galaxy Note 4 units currently released in the market.


Apparently, these batteries were being used in replacement handset units given via AT&T’s insurance program. It bears noting that these batteries were distributed solely through that program. For users who did not receive a replacement unit through AT&T’s insurance program between December of last year and April of this year, they can relax. 


So what exactly is the problem with these batteries? Well, first and foremost, all of them are counterfeit. It is not clear yet how FedEx Supply Chain got these counterfeit batteries in the first place. Thankfully, there have been no reported incidents of injuries or damage so far. And to FedEx Supply Chain’s credit, it did acted fast enough in urging customers who received those batteries to stop using them immediately, including the Galaxy Note 4 devices themselves, even though there are no indications of overheating whatsoever. 


Moreover, according to FedEx Supply Chain, it will be shipping a new replacement battery unit for every affected Galaxy Note 4 owner, as well as a return box, free of charge. It is a good thing that the Galaxy Note 4 was the last of Samsung’s Note models to have removable batteries, which means that users will not have to wait for their replacement battery from FedEx Supply Chain to be delivered before they can continue using their phablet. They can just remove the FedEx battery, and replace it with another Galaxy Note 4 battery while waiting for FedEx’s replacement to arrive. For more information about the recall, affected users can also contact FedEx Supply Chain through 800 338 0163.