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Report: Unlimited Data Users Have Fewer Network Issues Than Tiered Plan Subscribers

Report: Unlimited Data Users Have Fewer Network Issues Than Tiered Plan Subscribers

According to a report recently released by research firm JD Power, consumers who are subscribers of unlimited data plans are likely to report less network problems as compared to customers under tiered wireless plans. In its report, JD Power is showing that those unlimited data users encounter an average of 11 total network quality issues for every 100 connections. As for those under plans with data allotments, they experience 13 similar network problems per 100 connections. Moreover, the company also indicated that customers under unlimited data plans are less likely to have issues related to data usage, messaging, and making phone calls.

As explained by Peter Cunningham, consumers should never have to worry about differences in the frequency of network related problems whether on unlimited data plans or not. But as Cunningham points out, there really is a disparity between those who are unlimited users and those who are availing of tiered mobile plans. And for better or worse, this may have an impact on various mobile operators will market their respective unlimited data offerings, especially now in the so-called ongoing unlimited data wars.

But JD Power’s report does take into account the perception of the customer itself. According to the firm, those under unlimited data plans may likely have a perception that unlimited has lesser problems, perhaps because they are impressed with the data connection speeds. In its report, JD Power reveals that 18 percent of those unlimited users surveyed claimed that speeds were faster than what was expected, compared to only 13 percent in users on plans with data allotments.

JD Power’s report also names industry leader Verizon Wireless as the carrier that ranked highest in all half a dozen regions covered in its latest survey on the quality mobile networks in the country. Subscribers of the Big Red also reported fewer issues for every 100 connections, especially in terms of the quality of phone calls, messaging, and data access.

But one has to wonder -- can Verizon Wireless, or any major US wireless carrier for that matter, sustain the quality of its network as the unlimited data wars continue to rage on? After all, just one week ago, the Big Red had decided to revamp its unlimited data offering (splitting it into three plans -- Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, and Business Unlimited -- and then throttling all video content from now on). Many industry watchers are now seeing this move as Verizon’s way of alleviating the surge in traffic that is happening to its network ever since it introduced its unlimited data offering half a year ago.