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Survey: T-Mobile Subscribers Are The Most Loyal

Survey: T-Mobile Subscribers Are The Most Loyal

According to the Business Insider, among the mobile customers of the four biggest wireless carriers in the United States (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint), subscribers of T-Mobile are the most loyal. Business Insider has the numbers to back that up -- by way of BI Intelligence’s Digital Telecom Consumer, a survey was conducted and the results are rather intriguing. 23 percent of T-Mobile customers have claimed that are not willing to switch to a rival network for any reason. 


So how exactly did the other major US mobile operators fare? 16 percent of AT&T’s subscribers stated that they would not switch service providers, while 15 percent of Verizon Wireless customers said the same. How about Sprint? Just merely 7 percent of Sprint’s customers have said that they will be sticking with the carrier.


As explained by BI Intelligence, T-Mobile’s high score in terms of customer loyalty is quite an achievement, especially considering how saturated the mobile market is in America. Based on information provided by Pew Research, an estimated 77 percent of people in the United States own a smartphone device, which has further intensified the level competition in an already cut throat industry. It has gotten so competitive that carriers often have to change their stubborn ways, with Verizon Wireless as a relatively recent example, choosing to bring back its unlimited data offering after insisting for so long that it will not do such a thing.


Still, it goes without saying that in order for the players to actually sustain profitable results each and every quarter, they need to grow their respective customer bases and stop their existing customers from switching to other networks. Interestingly, the recent changes that the mobile market has gone through in the last few years have actually made it easier for customers to switch service providers. Chief among these changes is the decreasing popularity of the usual two year service agreements.


In T-Mobile’s case, it posted its lowest ever branded postpaid phone customer turnover rate of 1.1 percent in the most recent quarter. But it bears noting that just about every other member of the Big Four has also registered relatively low churn in Q2 2017. As a matter of fact, T-Mobile’s average monthly churn of 2.24 percent just barely beat Sprint’s 2.28 percent, and still not as low as AT&T’s 1.28 percent and Verizon Wireless’ 1.19 percent.