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Google’s Family Link Is Now On iOS

Google’s Family Link Is Now On iOS


Here is some good news for parents using Apple made mobile devices -- Family Link, the parental control software that Google had first introduced nearly a month ago, is now made available on the iOS mobile operating system. Back when Family Link was launched, the system could only function if both the parent and the kid make use of a smartphone or tablet device powered by Google’s own Android mobile operating system. But thankfully, the parental control software now comes with support for cross platform compatibility. This means that even if the parent owns an iPhone device, he can still set controls for his kid -- i.e. manage the time their child spends on mobile devices, or set bedtimes -- who uses an Android run handset.

It goes without saying that this latest piece of news should further make Family Link more available to all parents. While it is true that Android remains the most widely used mobile operating system in the world, iOS is no slouch either -- as a matter of fact, Apple’s OS has managed to grab a 42 percent share of the mobile market in the United States, where Google’s Family Link is also made available.

To be perfectly clear, Family Link is still in testing phase. Just like what Google has revealed when it first announced the parental control software, joining the program still means requesting an invitation from Google. This approach is hardly surprising -- the tech giant has often gone for this style whenever they are about to launch a new product. More importantly, by limiting the number of users, Google can actively resolve all remaining technical issues while having a great opportunity to learn from feedback directly provided by participating parents.

Even if it is still in testing phase, Family Link should already prove useful to parents. At its current iteration, it allows moms and dads to set basic restrictions and limits in order to make sure their child is not too consumed by their mobile device. The parental control system comes with specific features that let parents either complete block downloads or get to approve which apps their kids can install (which is akin to how the iCloud Family Sharing “Ask” functionality works on iOS powered handsets). Moreover, parents also get monitor how much time their child is spending on which mobile apps by way of weekly and even monthly usage reports. They could also lock their kid’s device on an arranged schedule, and for good measure, set screen time limits on a daily basis.