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Introducing Collections: Allowing Instagram Users To Organize Bookmarks Into Private Groupings

Introducing Collections: Allowing Instagram Users To Organize Bookmarks Into Private Groupings


Instagram has just recently revealed that it is debuting a new “collections” feature to its bookmarking tool. What this new functionality basically does is let Instagram users organize the posts they have bookmarked into private collections, which can be accessed more easily and quickly. It goes without saying that this new addition will further allow Instagram to compete with another image happy social media platform, Pinterest, which also allows photo bookmarking, plus the ability to save images into specific collections (but for Pinterest users, they are called boards).

Instagram first announced its bookmarking tool back in December of last year, essentially creating a way for users to save images they like that other people have posted. This tool made a lot of sense, of course -- it is no secret that users on Instagram frequently would want to remember which images they find cute, beautiful, inspiring, interesting, or funny, and then have a way of revisiting those pictures when they want to. Through the bookmarking tool, users can privately save the posts they like to their profile, and then quickly access the images anytime they want. It is certainly an easier and more organized process compared to downloading images to your device’s Camera Roll, which can be sort of a hassle to navigate through at times, especially when there is so many pictures to browse.

Ever since the bookmarking tool made its debut on Instagram, almost half of all users have bookmarked at least one post, as claimed by the social media giant. And now that collections has been added into the mix, Instagram users now have a feature that will help them better manage their bookmarked posts.

So how does one go about using the collections feature? Users need only tap and hold on the bookmark icon located below any post in order to directly bookmark that particular post to a collection. Users are free to create and even assign a name to any collection, and bookmarked posts can be saved to existing collections or a to a new one.

For those who have already been bookmarking posts, they can actually sort those previously bookmarked images into their collections. Achieving this is pretty straightforward -- they need only tap in the plus sign icon located at the top right corner of the screen, and from there, it is only a matter of assigning a new collection, and then picking the bookmarked posts you want to organize.