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Apple’s Latest iOS 10 Beta Comes With 100 New Emoji

Apple’s Latest iOS 10 Beta Comes With 100 New Emoji

Apple has recently launched the fourth beta of iOS 10, the upcoming newest version of its iOS mobile operating system. In releasing this beta, the iPhone maker took the opportunity to include a hundred new emoji. For those who want a sneak preview, they can head to Apple’s official website and see for themselves.


For its new set of emoji, Apple has notably expanded on some of its current options, even introducing some more gender versions of older emoji. For example, iOS mobile users will now get to use a female athlete emoji. The gun emoji has also been changed. It was definitely a wise decision in Apple’s part to replace it with a far more playful water pistol emoji. Apple has also proceeded to include a new flag, one that bears rainbow colors.


Emoji loving users will be delighted to know that Apple is really pulling all the stops in incorporating emoji. For instance, the QuickType word suggestion bar will be suggesting an emoji based on the word the user is composing. In Messages, emoji will be rendered about thrice as big if the user is only sending an emoji. And when switching to the emoji keyboard, iOS will highlight words so that the user can tap on them and automatically substitute them with an appropriate emoji. 


For those who are in the midst of testing iOS or macOS by way of the public beta program, they will not be able to see an update. This is because Apple is deploying its updates in stages. The developer servers will first to get the new versions, which means that those who paid a hundred bucks a year to be able to create a developer account will be the first to do some testing. Barring any major issue, the public betas of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra should start getting updates in a matter of days.


Back in June earlier this year, it was reported that 72 new emoji would debut in Apple mobile devices with the roll out of iOS 10. At that time, the Unicode Consortium had approved the release of a new set of emoji characters, including the selfie emoji, face palm emoji, boxing glove emoji, drooling face emoji, and sneezing face emoji, among many others. In an increasingly mobile world, it is no surprise that emoji are as popular as ever, and for mobile users of today, very handy in certain situations wherein words or phrases will simply not do.