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Apple Releases New Update To Fix Users’ iOS 8 Problems

Apple Releases New Update To Fix Users’ iOS 8 Problems

Apple recently released a new update called iOS 8.0.2. Before you can say not again, this new update is actually deployed in order to fix the problems caused by last Wednesday's initial update, dubbed iOS 8.0.1, which caused some users to lose their ability to make calls and also disabled the TouchID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 6 and on the iPhone 6 Plus.

To download the update, just connect to a Wi-Fi connection and go to Settings > General > Software Update. You can also get it via iTunes -- just connect your Apple device into your computer and then launch iTunes.

It has not been a good week for Apple. Last Wednesday, it released what was supposed to be the first software update for iOS 8, the latest version of its mobile operating system. The update was supposed to take care of some bugs of the newest iOS. But apparently, the users who downloaded it experienced problems in their iPhone 6 units. Chief among these is the disruption of the cellular connection, which prevented users from making voice calls. Then it got worse when many customers complained that the software also disabled the TouchID fingerprint sensor.

Apple was wise to pull back the software update about an hour after it was released. The company even issued an official statement, promising to investigate the matter further and provide information when there is available. But the damage has been done. According to sources at Apple, almost 40,000 users were affected when they downloaded iOS 8.0.1.

Today's software update is clearly an effort by the company to fix the earlier update. In an accompanying statement, Apple apologized for the inconvenience caused by the botched update and further explained that apart from fixing the problems caused by iOS 8.0.1, the new update will also include the improvements and bug fixes that the earlier update was supposed to bring for users.

Moreover, the new software update also promises to fix certain bugs so that HealthKit apps can now be made available on the App Store. On top of that, the update also addresses certain bugs wherein third party keyboards become de-selected when users type in their pass codes.

Aside from the failed software update, Apple is also dealing with customers complaining that the new iPhone 6 Plus is prone to bending when placed in rear pockets. Now dubbed Bendgate, the issue has already been addressed by Apple through a statement defending the structural integrity of its recently released new iPhones.