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Moto G LTE Arriving in AT&T This Week

Moto G LTE Arriving in ATT This Week

AT&T recently announced that the Moto G LTE will be launched by the carrier on October 10th of this year. Customers can avail of the Motorola device by choosing any of the following options: a) paying $7.50 each month for two years with AT&T Next 18; b) paying $9.00 each month for two years with AT&T Next 12; c) paying $79.99 with a one-year agreement; and d) paying 179.99 without any commitments. The Moto G LTE can be purchased via AT&T's online store or in any of the carrier's retail stores.


This Moto G LTE device is the same model that made its debut in June earlier this year. Those who will be getting the smartphone can expect a budget-friendly device that still offers plenty of nifty features. Chief among them is a 4.5-inch HD display screen that is resistant to scratches. Furthermore, the display screen can stretch to all four corners of the device, providing an optimum viewing experience (329 ppi) for users when they are viewing multimedia on the phone.


The Moto G LTE also sports a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, which gives the smartphone impressive processing speeds even when performing multiple tasks. Whether you are simultaneously checking messages on Gmail, streaming videos via YouTube, and browsing web pages through Chrome, the 400 processor makes sure you can easily switch between several tasks without experiencing any hiccups. 


Other features of the Moto G LTE include a 5-megapixel rear camera, a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, and a 2070 mAh battery. 


Hardware specs aside, users will be excited to experience for themselves the device's 4G LTE capability. AT&T is widely considered to have one of the most reliable 4G LTE networks in the United States, providing coverage for more than 300 million American subscribers. Buyers of the Moto G LTE will soon have a first-hand experience of how fast they can stream or download content into their phones. 


Those who were hoping to get the updated Moto G model introduced just last month may be slightly disappointed. But still, this offer by AT&T is not bad at all, considering that customers can get the Moto G LTE for affordable pricing options and even with a one-year agreement, which one does not see often in plans offered by any carrier today. 


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