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Vine Updates Its Android App

Vine on Android

Vine, the short-form video sharing service, has recently launched updates to its Android app. The update includes several new video editing features, including one that allows users to import videos clips that were previously recorded.


Arriving on Google Play store last Friday, Vine's update should put Android users around the same level as iOS users, who had theirs updated last August of this year.


There is plenty to enjoy with the updated Vine app for Android. First is a special feature that allows users to upload and preview any video clip of any length from the camera roll, and then edit them down to a Vine video not exceeding six seconds.


Another feature lets users upload multiple videos. And then out of these video collection, people can cut them down into a six-second clip, ready to be shared as a Vine.


Then there is the flashlight mode. This feature allows users to activate the camera's flash, providing additional illumination for shots that require more lighting.


Lastly, there is the Undo feature. This is particularly useful, especially for those new to the concept of creating and sharing their own Vines. The Undo feature simply lets users undo the last thing they did while editing their videos.


Of course, it helps that there is a preview feature, too. Editing can be made easy when users get to preview the Vines they are making. Also, it spares a lot of users from producing and sharing hastily-made and edited Vines on the Internet.


The fact that Vine is making an effort to update its Android app is really something that Android-using fans of the short video sharing service can appreciate. This is in contrast with Hyperlapse, Instagram's app that captures time lapse videos, which as of now is still an iOS exclusive.


As mentioned earlier in this article, the Vine app is available for free from the Google Play store.