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Tweetbot Updates Its iPhone App

Tweetbot Updates Its iPhone App

Tweetbot, the Twitter client for Apple mobile devices, is releasing updates for its iPhone app, bringing new enhancements that should delight iPhone and iPad users alike. Designated as Tweetbot 3.5, the updated version now includes support for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, improving the display so that the user's Twitter timeline looks as clear and as pixel-optimized as ever.


Tweetbot 3.5 is also tweaked for iOS 8, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system. The new and improved Tweetbot now has support for Share Sheet extensions, custom actions, and notifications that users can interact with on the Lock screen, on the alert banner, or in the Notification Center.


Users should find the interactive notifications very handy. Now, iPhone users who want to favorite or reply to a tweet can easily do so without having to launch the Twitter app. 


The built-in support for the proprietary extensions of 1Password may also prove useful. This built-in support makes it easier for users to sign in to websites by way of the built-in browser that comes with Tweetbot. Moreover, this clever password management application for Apple handheld devices is capable of more than just storing the user's passwords and log-in information. It can also safely store one's online IDs, credit card and banking information, notes, and other sensitive data in an encrypted vault. Most importantly, the basic features of 1Password are now completely free of charge.


Aside from fixing bugs in its previous iteration, Tweetbot 3.5 also has overhauled its custom contextual menu. It now uses the standard Share Sheets present in iOS 8. What does this mean for users? Well, users now can avail of any third-party Share Sheet Actions and Extensions within Tweetbot, providing themselves with more options and further enriching their user experience. For instance, you can now easily translate tweets via Bing's Translate extensions which are available in any app via iOS 8's flexible Share Sheet. Or you can now quickly bookmark pages from your favorite websites, archive them properly in Evernote, or send them to Pocket -- you can do all of these without ever exiting Tweetbot. Users can access Share Sheet options by simply tapping and holding a particular tweet, or use the Share icon found in your timeline.


Tweetbot for the iPhone and the iPod Touch costs $5.00. As for the iPad Edition, Tweetbot will cost $3.00. The update, however, is free to all existing users of Tweetbot.