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Google Fi extends VPN service to iPhone customers


For quite some time now, Google Fi has been offering its VPN service to its customers as a way of protecting their data while browsing the internet. The service, however, has exclusively been available to Android device users. Thankfully, iOS users no longer have to feel left out of this service. 

Earlier today, Google Fi announced that its VPN service is now available to iPhone users. The VPN service is included in all the plans offered by the carrier. With this service, users get to stream, browse, and download data under an encrypted and private connection. 

One of the key benefits of using a VPN service is to protect users from hackers when they are using an unsecured network. This also prevents websites from using their IP addresses to track their location. 

If you are a Google Fi customer who is using an iPhone device, you can enable VPN service by going to your Phone settings > Privacy & security > enable Protect your online activity. This will lead to a pop-up so make sure you choose “Got it” and “Allow.” Your device passcode or fingerprint will then be needed. 

Once you’re all set, you should see a VPN icon on your status bar whenever you’re connected to the internet.