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Wireless networks have started borrowing spectrum to improve network capacity


Now that so many people are turning to work from home, cellular networks will likely see an increase in traffic. This is caused by the sheer volume of users who want to stay connected with their loved ones around the world. To make sure that the networks continue to work smoothly, some carriers have already made the initiative to get extra spectrum. 

Dish Network has started to lend out 20MHz of AWS-4 (Band 66) along with its 700MHz spectrum to AT&T for the next 60 days at no cost. This is their way of helping AT&T boost its network capacity. In addition to AT&T, Dish has made an agreement with T-Mobile. It has offered to lend its entire 600MHz spectrum portfolio to the wireless network at no cost for 60 days. 

Verizon has also requested for additional spectrum from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Verizon’s request was granted and will be getting it from SNR Wireless LicenseCo and Northstar Wireless LLC. The wireless network will be getting AWS-3 band spectrum for the next 60 days as a way of adding capacity to its network. 

Lastly, US Cellular will also be getting extra airwaves. After receiving approval from the FCC, they will be using the AWS-3 band spectrum that it is licensing from Advantage Spectrum for the next 60 days. This spectrum will help boost its capacity in the states of Oregon, Wisconsin, California, and Washington. 

By adding this spectrum, the LTE networks of these wireless providers can be improved. Their customers can also stay connected and hooked to the same wireless speeds they normally use.