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T-Mobile lets you save 50% on your plan for three months


In terms of helping its customers during this pandemic, T-Mobile is one brand that has done its fair share of help. Not only have they waived cancellations and late fees, they have also unveiled an affordable $15 per month plan. Now, it looks like they are offering a 50% discount on the monthly bill of those who need it the most. 

The promotion, called “Stay Connected 50%”, requires you to get in touch with T-Mobile. You do not even need to show any proof that you were affected by the pandemic so you can get the discount. Once you get the promotion, you’ll be able to save on the cost of your plan for three months. 

The only caveat to this promotion is that your data will be capped to 3GB a month. But if you’re looking for a way to save money during this ordeal, it’s one offer that may be worth checking out.  

Again, you need to get in touch with their customer service. Once you’ve gotten in touch with them, ask for the “COVID-19 3GB plan/add-on.” Your long-term plan details won’t be affected by this promotion once the 90-day relief period comes to an end. T-Mobile will automatically switch you back to your normal plan and even give a data allotment boost.