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New T-Mobile expected to launch mid-summer


It’s been a little over a month since the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile was made official. But despite this, the two have since been operating as separate entities. However, it looks like we already have an idea on when the two will be combined as one company. 

In an investor conference call held this week, New T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert revealed that they are targeting unifying the two brands in mid-summer. Originally, the plan was to launch the new company in early summer but because of the ongoing health crisis, this has been pushed back. 

When they finally launch the brand, they will “be advertising one flagship postpaid T-Mobile brand as well as operating a unified fleet of retail, and the retail piece is why we slowed down just a little bit.”

It has also been revealed that the networks for the two brands have started to combine last month. This was also when T-Mobile launched its 2.5GHz 5G coverage in Philadelphia after using the spectrum it obtained from the merger. In addition to this, they enabled Sprint customers with a Samsung Galaxy S20 to access their low-band 600MHz 5G network. Customers who were using a compatible LTE phone also had the option to use roaming under the LTE network of T-Mobile. This gave them access to twice as much LTE cell sites compared to just Sprint’s own network. 

The unification expected this mid-summer will make the Sprint brand go away. Its customers can start visiting stores, contacting support, and getting bills all from T-Mobile. For now, however, this will be separate. 

The entire process of combining their networks is expected to take up to three years.