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Meet the New T-Mobile


T-Mobile and Sprint have successfully merged into a new company called the New T-Mobile. 

Now that the merger is complete, we can expect some changes to be made. First up, the New T-Mobile promises to improve its services by combining the spectrums of T-Mobile and Sprint. Together, the company is now able to offer low-, mid-, and high-band spectrum that will be enough for 14 times more capacity for the next 6 years. 

The company foresees improving its reach to 99% of the US population. They’ll be able to offer an average of up to 100Mbps in 5G speeds. Its networks will also cover 90% of its rural customers, who can experience an average of 50Mbps in 5G speeds. This is all projected for the next 6 years. 

Originally, T-Mobile planned to launch a new $15 T-Mobile Connect plan once the merger has been official. But with the pandemic, the company launched the plan last week. They do plan to offer a similar or a better rate plan in the future. 

The company will also be offering a free unlimited talk, text, and data plan to first responders. Their goal for the next five years is to offer up to 100GB free internet and Wi-Fi hotspot to 10 million homes.

As for its executives, John Legere will no longer be the CEO of the company. He will be replaced by Mike Sievert as the new CEO of the merged company. Legere will remain as one of the board of directors until June 2020.