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Carriers are giving away phone chargers to COVID-19 patients and physicians


It’s really good when companies set aside their differences and come together for the greater good. And especially during this time when there are a lot of people who are in difficulty as brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s nice to see companies doing their best to help alleviate their customers’ struggles. 

Earlier this week, it was announced that T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T have all decided to partner with iHeartMedia in donating phone chargers. This was first started by local communities who wanted to do their part in helping patients be able to have a way of staying in touch with their loved ones as they recuperate in the hospitals. The joint movement also provides chargers to doctors and nurses. 

Collectively, the three carriers will be giving away 40,000 phone chargers. Right now, T-Mobile already donated 20,000 chargers. Here is a short list of where they will be donating these chargers:

T-Mobile: Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, San Diego, and Seattle

Verizon: Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, and many others

As of this writing, AT&T has not disclosed where it will be donating its chargers. But they shared that it will go to hospitals “that have been hit the hardest by the virus.”