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Gathering around the Phone to Watch TV??

It seems almost daily that deals are being announced for TV content on iPod or on cell phones. Saw a press release today for Amp'd Mobile (a soon-to-launch new wireless reseller targeting young people). They are going to offer clips from CBS shows like CSI: NY and The King of Queens. Sprint Nextel inked a deal where they are going to stream full-length movies on cell phones.

Maybe I'm wrong, but in a world where people are getting ever larger and better quality (high definition) TVs, I don't see a huge market for people paying for the 'privilege' of walking down the street watching The King of Queens on a two inch screen. Okay..maybe a few people will go for the TV clips, but who on earth is going to watch a 2 hour movie on a cell phone? Pass the popcorn.....

Bottom line.... many of these content deals are going to flop in terms of being big money makers.

Let us know what you think.