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Cingular Global Packages

Cingular recently announced new pricing and packages for those customers who need international service. If you are a Cingular customer, contact 1-866-CINGULAR to add these to your existing service. If you want to get Cingular service, start here to compare domestic rate plans.

  • World Traveler service is $5.99/month. This lets you use your Cingular phone (with 900 mhz. band) in 175 countries, including discounted rates in 80 of those. (Note that unless it is important to have your phone number while overseas, you might find renting a phone to be a more economical option).
  • International long distance is $3.99/month. This gets you discounted rates when calling from the U.S. to over 200 countries.

The next two packages offer rates that are available with the above two packages, for these specific countries only. So, if your international focus is just one of these countries, then the single country option might be most economical:

  • Cingular Canada is $3.99 a month. This gets you 59 cents a minute while roaming in Canada, and 19 cents a minute when calling from the U.S.
  • Cingular Mexico is $4.99 a month. Also 59 cents for roaming in that country, but a lower 9 cents minute when calling from the U.S.

Finally, BlackBerry International is $69.99 a month. This lets you use your BlackBerry in over 95 countries to send and receive unlimited e-mail.