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Who's the Thinnest?

With the arrival of the Samsung A900and the CDMA version of the Razr V3c, we thought we'd check to see who was the thinnest.

Well, turns out it is basically a tie. However, for those into exacting numbers, the original Razr V3 is 0.54 inches, the Razr V3c is 0.57 inches, and the Samsung A900 is 0.6 inches. (These numbers are derived from the Motorola and Samsung websites, my eyesight isn't good enough to find 3 or 6 hundredths of an inch).

There's now a thin phone available for just about every carrier. Prices are after rebate, with new carrier service, as of 12/26/05:

  • Motorola V3 Silver: Cingular ($0.00) or T-Mobile  
  • Motorola V3 Black: Cingular ($0.00). Note that there is also a magenta/pink version of the V3 as well. At present, it is only available directly from T-Mobile ($199.99).
  • Motorola V3c: Verizon ($99.99) or Alltel ($149.99) or U.S. Cellular ($99.99)
  • Samsung A900 Sprint ($99.99)