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New Year's Savings Resolutions

A few ways to save money... perhaps $1,000 or more.... in 2006, without changing your lifestyle in any way:

  • Credit Cards: Get a new card that offers 0% balance transfers for an extended period and use that to consolidate your other credit card debt. This can save hundreds of dollars in finance charges, particularly this year, as recent Fed increases have made the variable rates on many cards much higher than they were last holiday season. Check our balance transfer calculator to estimate your savings.
  • Insurance: While shopping for insurance isn't one of life's great thrills, the Internet has made it much easier for you to comparison shop.. just f fill out one form and get multiple quotes. Since insurance rates are regulated, the rates you are quoted online for a provider will be the same rates you will get anywhere else. In terms of savings, take a look at homeowners and auto insurance
  • Telephone: If you are paying more than 4 cents for home long distance, or any monthly fees at all, you are probably paying too much. An even better option, if you have high speed Internet, might be VoIP service. This is an easy way to save $300 or more a year. On the wireless side, there have been many plan enhancements over the past year, including free mobile-to-mobile calling and lower priced additional lines for a family plan that could save you money (and, if you are changing carriers, get you a current model phone like the RAZR for little or nothing).