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Hearing Aid Compatible Phones

Here are some phones that, according to the carrier sites, are rated M3 or M4. These ratings meet FCC requirements for hearing aid compatibility. M4 is the better of the two. Note that there is no guarantee that the phone will work with a particular individual's hearing aid device. Visit our Interactive Phone Finder to see what other features these phones have, and the current pricing with new service.

Cingular M3: Motorola V220 and Razr V3, LG C2000, Nokia 6102 M4: Samsung D307
Nextel M3: Motorola i560, i760, i836, i850 M4: i730
Sprint M3: Samsung A880, Sanyo VI-2300, MM-5600 and SCP 200, LG VI-125 and PM-225
Verizon M3: Blackberry 7250, Kyocera KX1v, LG VX3300, VX4700, VX5200, VX8100 and VX9800, Motorola E815, V276, Treo 650, Samsung A630, A850 and N330.