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The 411 on Wireless Directory Assistance

The wireless industry is moving ahead with plans for directory assistance for cell phone numbers. Given that there are now more wireless lines than landline, this seems like a good idea. Offsetting this, of course, is the risk of telemarketing calls, particularly annoying on cell phones since the mobile party (you) is paying for the (probably) unwanted telemarketing call.

A company called Qsent is working with the five national carriers to make the directory a reality. The plan is for this directory to be linked to existing 411 services. Most important, it will be completely opt-in. If you don't explicitly agree to be listed, you won't be in there. The directory will probably be most useful to small local business owners that do most of their work away from the office, with nobody in the office to answer landline calls, if there is even a landline number (or an office).

Independent of this directory, if you are currently troubled by telemarketing calls on your cell phone, you can always add the number to the Federal Do Not Call List.