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Twilio Launches Programmable Wireless In Partnership With T-Mobile

Twilio Launches Programmable Wireless In Partnership With T-Mobile

It was almost a decade ago when Twilio first entered the telecommunications market. Founded in 2007, the company offered a range of features that transformed core communications services once held by wireless carriers, such as text messaging and mobile phone numbers, into application program interface (API) based tools that any developer can personalize and take full advantage of in using a specific mobile app or website. 


Recently, Twilio got one step closer to its goal of expanding its telecoms resources. The company is deploying a new offering called Programmable Wireless, a SIM based service developed in collaboration with major US wireless carrier T-Mobile that allows developers to create all in one cellular services (replete with features), which they can use wherever they want, be it in a network that supports the concept of the Internet of Things, or even a product geared towards the average end user, like a new mobile phone service, for instance.


According to Twilio, the Programmable Wireless feature will be made available some time in the last quarter of this year. Like other Twilio services, Programmable Wireless’ pricing is based on volume. For Internet of Things, the feature’s pricing starts at $2 per SIM each month, and data usage is billed starting at $0.10 for each megabyte metered across a pool of devices and smart gadgets. As for high bandwidth scenarios such as smartphones and mobile data, data usage is rated at $25 for the first gigabyte, and then $15 per subsequent gigabyte. Programmable SMS messages and Programmable Voice minutes are billed according to usage.


As explained by Jeff Lawson, the chief executive officer of Twilio, the Programmable Wireless service will initially be done jointly with T-Mobile, and the roll out will only be for the United States market. But taking into account that in its own right, Twilio actually has a pretty comprehensive international presence, plus T-Mobile’s popularity and reach, the potential for expansion looks really good. 


For those who are wondering how T-Mobile got into the picture, it was actually a result of the wireless carrier’s Uncarrier initiatives, wherein the company offered friendlier pricing and a more open and accessible infrastructure to developers and even the mobile users themselves. As explained by Mike Sievert, the chief operating officer of T-Mobile, partnering with Twilio was done in the spirit of empowering business owners and promoting innovation in the field of wireless technology. Moreover, the move helps put developers out there in a better position to continue to explore cellular connected solutions that will become the standards for all mobile users in the future.