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Spotify allows Android users to reorder playlists; Pandora lets users share tunes to Snapchat Stories

Spotify allows Android users to reorder playlists; Pandora lets users share tunes to Snapchat Stories

Yup, we all love hitting the shuffle play button when we listen to playlists offered by Spotify. But there are times when you just want to hear Popsicle’s Histrionics as the first song for that otherwise perfect playlist. Thankfully, Spotify is actually already doing something about it. Some may remember that late last month, the music streaming giant had revealed that its mobile app was soon including a feature that would allow listeners to edit the order of the songs in a playlist. Well, true to its promise, Spotify has recently started rolling out this said feature. 

Back in June, Spotify had indicated that it would begin deploying the edit song order feature only to a limited number of customers. And it seems that the company is accomplishing this by way of a server side update. But by employing this approach, it should mean that no specific app build will activate the feature. 

But as suggested in this 9to5Google screenshot (plus this one), the feature should be easy to use. Right after accessing a playlist that the user has created, he can just click on the three dot overflow menu button, and then choose the Edit Playlist option. From there on, the user can shift and rearrange the song order as he likes, and then when he is done, he just has to tap the Save button.

Meanwhile, another familiar music streaming service provider -- Pandora -- is now allowing its users to share audio files to their Snapchat Stories. Ever since Snapchat opened up its augmented reality (AR) camera and Bitmoji, among many others, for use within third party mobile apps, a few brands have taken advantage of the opportunity. One of the first to make its move, of course, is Pandora.

It needs to mentioned that at least for now, the ability to share music to Snapchat Stories is only made available on the iOS mobile platform, which means that fans of Pandora who use Android powered mobile devices may have to wait for a few weeks before they can start experiencing the feature. 

So how do people go about using the feature? After launching the Pandora mobile app, they need only click on the Share button displayed in the Now Playing screen, then choose Share on Snapchat, and of course, add the tune they want to accompany their Story (or send directly to a buddy or group). Audiences who swipe up when viewing the shared Story will be able to listen to the music track on demand, whether or not they are an existing subscriber. Also, users won’t have to connect their Snapchat with their Pandora app.