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Uncarrier 11: T-Mobile Now Giving Users A Chance To Own Shares In The Company, Plus Freebies

Uncarrier 11: T-Mobile Now Giving Users A Chance To Own Shares In The Company, Plus Freebies

T-Mobile has just held its latest Uncarrier event (the 11th by latest count), and gamely took the opportunities to unleash a few announcements. First off is the major US wireless carrier’s move to allow all of its existing T-Mobile postpaid plan account holders to get a single share of common stock in the company, now estimated to be worth around $43 (per Yahoo! Finance). As for new customers that meet certain criteria, they will also got one share as soon as they switch to T-Mobile’s network. And that is not all -- current subscribers will also get an opportunity to earn an additional free share (or two, for those who have been subscribing to T-Mobile for more than five years) if they refer a new customer to the wireless carrier. The maximum number of shares they can earn out of referring new customers is 100 in a year.


Shares can be claimed by way of the wireless carrier’s new T-Mobile Tuesdays mobile app (more on this later), after which the security will be held in a brokerage account at Loyal3. Those who now hold shares are then free to hold on to their investment, sell their stock through the platform, or transfer their shares to another brokerage account. Subscribers are even allowed to join in electronically in proxy votes in order to vote their stock. It bears noting that as opposed to issuing extra shares, T-Mobile has stated that shares required to meet the needs of the program will be acquired on the open markets.


With regards to the new mobile app mentioned earlier, the T-Mobile Tuesdays (which is available on Google Play and iTunes) basically gives free rewards to subscribers weekly, specifically on Tuesdays, hence the name. The freebies are courtesy of various partners brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Wendy’s, and StubHub, just to name a few. This coming Tuesday for instance, the first treats will be a free movie ticket to the film Warcraft, as well as a free small Frosty from Wendy’s. No doubt these partner brands are eager to collaborate with T-Mobile, which as the third biggest wireless carrier in the United States has about 65 million subscribers.


Rounding off Uncarrier 11 is the announcement that T-Mobile is giving 60 minutes of free GoGo Internet access to customers who have already tried the wireless carrier’s Wi-Fi calling every time they are on a flight. Mobile users who are booked on any aircraft enabled with the GoGo service will continue to enjoy unlimited in flight text messaging absolutely free of charge. Explore more T-Mobile deals now by comparing plans and phones from T-Mobile at MyRatePlan today.