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T-Mobile CEO: BlackBerry Is On A Comeback

T-Mobile CEO: BlackBerry Is On A Comeback


Is struggling phone maker BlackBerry on its way to a comeback? John Legere, the chief executive officer of T-Mobile, certainly thinks so. The fact that Legere is offering words of support for the Canadian mobile manufacturer is definitely interesting. Few may remember that BlackBerry and T-Mobile actually had a falling out last year. But in 2015, the two companies seem to be ready to be bedfellows again. As a matter of fact, in May earlier this year, T-Mobile started offering the BlackBerry Classic to its subscribers.


For sure, BlackBerry really needs all the allies it can get right now. Once a dominant maker of smartphones, the company has since struggled to acquire some significant market share in a field now being lorded by mobile giants such as Apple and Samsung. With the release of the BlackBerry Priv, its first ever smartphone that runs on Google’s Android mobile operating system (instead of BlackBerry’s own software), the company hopes to improve its fortunes, or at least try to increase its dwindling number of supporters. To be clear about it, as of now, T-Mobile is not carrying the BlackBerry Priv Android smartphone. However, according to a spokesperson from the wireless carrier, T-Mobile is indeed currently in discussions with BlackBerry and something might be brewing just around the corner. 


As for BlackBerry, the Canada based phone maker is certainly excited about the prospect of working with T-Mobile again. For one, reestablishing ties with the wireless carrier just might result to BlackBerry adding another network service provider to its currently short list of carriers offering the Priv smartphone. 


About a week ago, industry leader Verizon Wireless had already confirmed via its official Twitter account that it will be making the BlackBerry Priv available in its store shelves soon. With the Big Red’s announcement, it became just the second major wireless carrier in the United States to officially carry the BlackBerry Priv device. 


The first one, of course, is AT&T. The second biggest wireless carrier in America officially launched the BlackBerry Priv smartphone last November 6th of this year. The device is available at $249.99 on a regular two year contract, or at $24.67 per month through a mobile device financing plan. For those currently signed up under AT&T Next plans, they can purchase the device for $0 down plus $24.67 per month with upgrade eligibility after 24 months or 30 months to own the handset, $30.84 per month for an 18 month upgrade or 24 months to own it, or $37 per month for a 12 month upgrade or 20 months to own it. 


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