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Sprint’s $1 A Month iPhone 6s Deal May Even Be Better Than T-Mobile’s

Sprint’s $1 A Month iPhone 6s Deal May Even Be Better Than T-Mobile’s

Sprint just announced a new promo in which the wireless carrier is offering the 16 gigabyte edition of Apple’s new iPhone 6s for just $1 a month. Remember the $5 a month iPhone 6s deal that T-Mobile revealed just a couple of days ago? Well, Sprint may just have announced an even better deal this time.


Sprint’s new special offer basically lets customers snag a 16 gigabyte iPhone 6s for $1 a month, that is if these customers currently own an iPhone 6 (the predecessor of the iPhone 6s) they can trade in for the newest iPhone model. Those who are curious about Sprint’s deals for the 64 gigabyte and 128 gigabyte editions of the iPhone 6s, know that the wireless carrier is offering them at about $5.77 a month and $10.53 a month, respectively.


What about the iPhone 6s Plus? Well, Sprint’s new promo offers the bigger of the two latest iPhone models at $5 a month for the 16 gigabyte edition, $9.77 for the 64 gigabyte edition, and $14.53 for the 128 gigabyte edition. Similar to the iPhone 6s deal, customers will have to trade in an existing iPhone 6 device in order to take advantage of the iPhone 6s Plus offer.


Sprint’s offer appears to be the best iPhone 6s deal out there so far (well, for now at least, who knows about tomorrow). T-Mobile’s iPhone 6s deal (via its Jump! On Demand program) comes close at $5 a month. Compared to Verizon’s and AT&T’s deals (the industry leaders have installment plans that cost $27.08 a month and $32.50 a month, respectively), Sprint’s (and T-Mobile’s) deals look pretty enticing.


A few may notice the significant gap between Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s deals and those of Verizon Wireless and AT&T. Industry watchers believe that Sprint and T-Mobile are compelled to be more aggressive with their deals because they are quite behind the leaders in terms of subscriptions. In other words, both mighty Verizon and AT&T can still afford not to be too generous with their smartphone deals. 


Also, Verizon and AT&T deals are primarily installment plans, which means that customers get to own their device. With Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s deals, they are essentially lease plans, which means that customers actually do not own their iPhone devices, merely leasing it until another new iPhone model hits the market. 


Still a $1 a month deal for the newest flagship device from Apple is still very darn good indeed. No doubt, with all the iPhone 6s price wars going on, some mobile users are already wondering if it can get any lower.


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