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US Mobile Customers Get A Better Idea Of Their Actual Wireless Needs Through Machine Learning

US Mobile Customers Get A Better Idea Of Their Actual Wireless Needs Through Machine Learning

Unlimited data plans are good and all, but oftentimes, mobile users can just get by with a specific number of megabytes of data per month. But the hard part is figuring out exactly how much you will need in the next thirty days. Sure, you already have a basic idea of your levels of consumption but there is no telling if that is going to change soon.


Thankfully, prepaid wireless service provider US Mobile, has something that might help customers get a better idea of their actual mobile requirements. Through the clever use of machine learning algorithms, US Mobile has found a way to let users determine if they are paying for data they will not be able to consume entirely in a month, or the reverse, determine if their current plan has enough to get users through the rest of the month.


Machine learning algorithms basically allow US Mobile to look into tons of user data sessions from tens of thousands of mobile users. From here, the prepaid wireless carrier can offer recommendations to customers regarding their real life mobile usage. Take this scenario for instance -- a customer has a monthly plan that includes 500 megabytes of data per month, but US Mobile’s machine learning algorithms have determine that the customer consumes about 150 megabytes of data per week. Obviously, 500 megabytes of monthly data won’t probably cut it. So what US Mobile does is send the user a quick alert, recommending him to add another 100 megabytes perhaps so that he should be okay for the remainder of the month. This service only costs around an extra $3. It is an added expense for sure, but considering that it helps customers pay only for what they actually consume on a monthly basis, the deal should translate to savings over the course of several months. 


Moreover, it is way better than getting a big data plan or even an unlimited plan and not being able to fully take advantage of all the data you are paying for but not actually using. Most wireless carriers offer preset tiers with a certain amount of data inclusions per month, and while it does help mobile users choose a plan more suited to their needs, it does not do much for those who frankly have no clear idea how much they are going to consume in the next month. With US Mobile, customers get to manage their mobile plans better because they can upgrade and downgrade according to their current usage. 


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