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Here Are The Results Of Wirefly’s Carrier Internet Speed Rankings

Here Are The Results Of Wirefly’s Carrier Internet Speed Rankings


Joining forces with SourceForge, Wirefly is releasing its 2017 Internet Speed Rankings Report, based on Wirefly Speed Test Data collected during the first half of this year by the Wirefly Speed Test. Developed in house by Wirefly’s crew of engineers, the Wirefly Speed Test is an HTML5 Speed test that basically evaluates connection speeds on any handset, and can work even without the use of Java or Flash.

In completing the 2017 Internet Speed Rankings Report, Wirefly conducted thousands of speed tests on unique mobile devices, with the objective of getting the average download speeds as well as upload speeds of handsets currently being used by consumers in all of America. The numbers do not lie -- Americans experience average mobile data speeds of 19.76 mbps for downloads, while logging 12.44 mbps for upload speeds. 

At the same time, the Wirefly Speed Test was also designed to provide a clear idea of which wireless service providers have the fastest network speed. For the first quarter of 2017 through the second quarter, T-Mobile achieved the best average overall speed with 21.06 mbps. Not far behind is industry leader Verizon Wireless, with an average overall speed of 20.91 mbps. For the rest of the other major US wireless carriers, AT&T scored an average speed of 16.33 mbps, while Sprint was last with an average speed of 14.82 mbps. It should be noted that in assigning average overall speed marks, Wirefly gives download speed a 90 percent weight, and upload speed a 10 percent weight.

In terms of average download speed, T-Mobile also got the best mark with average download speed of 22.18, besting Verizon’s 21.45 mbps. When it comes to average upload speed, however, the Big Red’s 16.06 mbps average upload speed was clearly better than T-Mobile’s 11.06 mbps average upload speed. For AT&T and Sprint, their numbers are 17 mbps and 10.23 mbps (download and upload speeds for AT&T), and 15.76 mbps and 6.35 mbps (download and upload speeds for Sprint).

To browse the report, visit Wirefly’s official website directly now.