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Project Fi’s international data now covers 170 countries

Project Fi’s international data now covers 170 countries

Google has recently announced that its Project Fi wireless service is now providing data coverage in no less than 170 countries across the planet. That new number is 35 more than the previous 135, with new nations such as Belize, Monaco, Nigeria, Tunisia, and Myanmar now enjoying international data.

And it is cool to note In these countries that Project Fi still does not charge users additional for their data usage. In other words, customers still get to pay the regular $10 per gigabyte rate, regardless of where they are. For good measure, SMS usage is kept unlimited as well. As for voice calls made to the United States from any one of the countries with coverage, they still are priced at twenty cents per minute.

For those people who are heading to a destination outside the United States soon, and are not sure if the country they are visiting has Project Fi data coverage, they need not fret -- Google has something that might help. If the customer’s Gmail account includes messages with regards to an upcoming booked overseas flight (perhaps from the airline he or she is flying with), Gmail now sends out notifications automatically if that user’s Project Fi account has coverage in the destination country. For more information about this, it might be a better idea to head directly to Google’s official blog.

Some may remember that exactly a month ago, Google had introduced unlimited data to its Project Fi. This was done through the launch of a new option called Bill Protection, which caps charges for voice call minutes and text messages, as well as data, at $80 per month, while allowing users to have access to high speed data, for free. Well, the Bill Protection option also happens to work for roaming Project Fi users, and also for customers who make full use of data only SIM cards.

Google had launched its Project Fi mobile service more than a couple of years ago. When the service first started, what it did was switch mobile users automatically between Wi-Fi connections and T-Mobile’s or Sprint’s network. After more than a year, Project Fi has since included US Cellular (considered by many as the fifth biggest wireless carrier in America after Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint) in its list of carrier partners in the United States. Google’s Project Fi has also gone on to debut a family plan, and only a year ago, a Group Repay functionality.