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More New Emoji Are Coming Soon

More New Emoji Are Coming Soon

For better or worse, emoji are now a part of our mobile lives. Sure, they may not be right up everybody’s alley, but for those who can not resist these cute pictograms, they may be delighted to know that more new emoji are coming soon, courtesy of Emoji 4.0. For those not in the know, Emoji 4.0 is the newest update to the world’s existing library of emoji. After a review, the new offerings from Emoji 4.0 should make their way to mobile devices before the end of this year. For the newest emoji, they range from depicting new professions to new flags and many more.


The Unicode consortium has done quite a good job of further expanding today’s emoji. Not only does it try to streamline and coordinate all emoji to be used on various makes and models of mobile devices, but also to make representations more inclusive, as evidenced by the introduction of male and female versions of all people, whether they are astronauts or police officers. Plus, the Unicode consortium has also done well in incorporating new skin tones to better represent other nationalities around the world.


With regards to emoji representing various professions, the new upcoming emoji include new additions that range from scientists to farmers. Of course, it is impossible to incorporate them all, but with every now and then, it refreshing to see that new professions are being added, and no doubt, those users who share the same profession in real life will be doubly delighted. Some of the new professions include cook, teacher, factory employee, firefighter, judge, pilot, and artist, just to name a few, and all of them presented in both male and female versions. 


The Unicode consortium has also added new flag representations, like the rainbow pride flag that is usually associated with the LGBT rights movement, and even a flag for the United Nations.


For those who want to get an idea of what some of the new emoji look like, they can do well to check out the beta of Apple’s newest version of its iOS mobile operating system, iOS 10, which already comes with a few of the new emoji. iOS 10 is slated for wide deployment to iPhone and iPad devices some time in the autumn season this year.


Emoji 4.0 should hit the market in November later this year, and will likely land in public systems either in late 2016 or early next year.