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Americans Now Spend Half Of Their Time Online Via Smartphone Apps

Americans Now Spend Half Of Their Time Online Via Smartphone Apps

As indicated in a new report published by comScore, consumers based in the United States now spend half of their time online through smartphone apps. That is a significant improvement over the 41 percent that comScore reported more than a couple of years ago. Moreover, comScore pointed out that when factoring in the use of tablet apps, the percentage increases to almost 60 percent. It was also noted in comScore’s latest report that the increase in time spent online by way of smartphone apps was achieved back in July earlier this year.


It has been increasingly difficult to deny our growing reliance on native mobile apps when logging in to the information superhighway. Not only do apps help us in the basic stuff like searching for information from the Internet or getting the most recent news from the web or updating posts on social media, they also serve as portals for consuming entertainment related media such as movies, music, and games.


Google might already have an idea of this trend. The tech giant after all has been making efforts to integrate the web of apps into the Google search engine. On top of that, the company is working to allow its Google search mobile app to be able to search for data found in other apps installed in a user’s smartphone or tablet device.


Sure, while it is true that our society is increasingly becoming tied to the use of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets are far from being the only factors driving an increase in overall app usage. Advances in wireless technology has also contributed immensely in letting people use apps more -- indeed, 4G LTE networks have allowed us to go YouTubing and Facebooking for hours on end. It certainly does not hurt that app stores have expanded their catalogue exponentially in the last few years, providing more options for today’s mobile users.


So which mobile apps exactly are the most widely used? The top names should be all too familiar -- Facebook, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play, Gmail, Pandora, Instagram, Amazon, Apple Music, Apple Maps, Pokemon Go, Snapchat, and Pinterest. It bears noting how Pokemon Go has ranked among social media giants and Google brands, which is quite an achievement considering that the augmented reality mobile game has only been out in the market for barely a couple of months.


To get more information about comScore’s report, be sure to visit this page.