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55 Million Users In The First 30 Days Is Awesome, But Can Pokemon Go Keep This Up?

55 Million Users In The First 30 Days Is Awesome, But Can Pokemon Go Keep This Up?

When Pokemon Go became a hit worldwide, it did so in lighting fast fashion. According to data presented by marketing analytics firm ComScore, the augmented reality mobile game managed to reach 55 million mobile users in the United States in July of this year, specifically during the first full month the app was made available to American consumers. Because of this feat, Pokemon Go was able to rank 13th among all mobile apps in America, even achieving a better showing than social media giants such as Pinterest and Snapchat. It still has a long way to go if it wants to compete with Facebook (the number one mobile app in the US), but 13th place may not be so bad.


In terms of engagement, Pokemon Go really fared well in its first thirty days, ranking 4th in total time spent with the mobile app, behind only proven addictive entities such as Facebook, Pandora, and YouTube. As explained by ComScore’s Adam Lella, Pokemon Go is unprecedented in a sense that no other website or mobile app has capture such a big following in such a short span of time since the firm has started measuring digital audiences.


Pokemon Go’s impressive stats can definitely be seen in the real world. In the past several weeks, you would be hard pressed to go anywhere without seeing some mobile user trying to hunt some weirdly named but cute monster. There were a negative side to Pokemon Go’s success, too, as reports of drained batteries, skyrocketing data charges, and even vehicular accidents surfaced in the interwebs.


And now that massively popular mobile game is more than a month old, it is only natural for many people to wonder if Pokemon Go can keep it up. Everything succumbs to the law of diminishing returns at some point, and it appears that Pokemon Go is not immune to this. Various reports have stated that the volume of daily active users, number of downloads, engagement metrics, and time spent on the app on a daily basis are not as high as they were compared to weeks ago. In other words, Pokemon Go is starting to show signs of slowing down.


Still, Pokemon Go has already cemented its place in the history of mobile as one of the most popular and successful apps ever. For sure, there will be other new apps to come in the next few years or even months that will become the next big thing, but for now, Pokemon Go has set a new standard, and all future upstarts will now be measured against the success of Pokemon Go.