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Instagram To Develop Zoom, Filter, And GIF Features For iPhone 7’s Camera

Instagram To Develop Zoom, Filter, And GIF Features For iPhone 7’s Camera

The official introduction of Apple’s newest iPhone offerings, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, is sure to cause some ripples, or maybe it already has. Instagram, the online mobile photo and video sharing social media platform owned by Facebook, is preparing to roll out some upgrades in its upcoming latest version, and some of the most notable enhancements are inspired by the camera specs of Apple’s latest flagship devices.


During the unveiling of the new iPhone 7 devices, Ian Spalter, the head of design at Instagram, appeared on stage, and took the opportunity to demo the iPhone 7 related upgrades to the social media platform’s mobile app. Some of the upcoming upgrades do sound exciting. For instance, the telephoto zoom lens found on the bigger iPhone 7 Plus can be used by Instagrammers by simpling dragging their finger up and down in the Instagram app (Snapchat users may find this functionality familiar). Haptic feedback should assist users in determining just how far they have zoomed, and could aid them in staying in the 2X optical zoom provided by the iPhone 7 Plus without losing themselves in digital zoom, which oftentimes lessens the quality of the picture taken. Some may remember that back in August, Instagram had incorporated a one finger zoom functionality to Stories, which should allow users to create some wacky zoom in zoom out effects while shooting footage or capturing images.


Instagram is even going as far as overhauling its color filters in order to take full advantage of the wide range of color detection that the iPhone 7’s camera offers. Of course, the ultimate aim here is produce more colorful pictures, with each hue clearly defined and distinguished, but not at the expense of overall balance.


As for 3D Touch, it will allow users to quickly add a picture into their Instagram Story. Instagram’s Stories are supposed to be spontaneous, and by letting people access the camera faster, it should give users more opportunities to take better quality candid shots. In other words, it reinforces the “Insta” part in Instagram even more.


Moreover, with the help of the Live Photos API, iPhone Live Photos can be easily converted into Instagram Boomerang animated GIFs. Before, users had to take Boomerang shots in its own mobile app, which actually shoots a series of still shots and merges all of them to produce an animated effect. But with the new version, users can just shoot by way of the default iPhone 7 camera and then instantly transform them into Boomerang GIFs.