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Microsoft Updates Outlook Mobile Apps For Android And iOS

Microsoft Updates Outlook Mobile Apps For Android And iOS

It has only been two weeks since the Microsoft Outlook mobile app for Android and iOS has been launched, but apparently, Microsoft has already rolled out updates.


Via their official blog, the Microsoft Office 365 Team has announced the features that have just been added to the recently launched mobile email app. Even though the updates are geared towards Android and iOS users, some specific changes affect only one of the two, while there are several updates that also work for both platforms.


The Outlook mobile apps are essentially souped up editions of the Accompli email app that Microsoft acquired back in December of last year. Even so, they represent part of Microsoft's efforts to establish a broader presence in the mobile world.


Not too long ago, Microsoft has always been a bit reluctant to release its software products, services, and apps onto rival platforms, especially Android and iOS, two of its biggest competitors. But starting last year, the company has changed its stand, to the delight of users who were hoping to use Outlook, and other services included in the Microsoft Office suite (like Word, Excel, PowerPoint), in their Android or iOS mobile devices.


The updated version of the Outlook mobile apps is now capable of handling Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), which is supported by most major email providers such as Comcast and AOL. What IMAP basically does is save your email messages on the server until you erase them permanently, letting you read your newest messages regardless of the device (mobile or computer) and mail client you are using.


Outlook generally sets up email messages into conversation threads so that users can easily trace messages with related topics. But if the user wants to view each message separately, they can choose to alter the settings. One only needs to open the Settings icon, go to Organize Mail by Thread, and then disable that option. It should be noted that this capability is only available on iOS devices -- but do not worry, Android users, Microsoft should be able to add this feature to Android very soon.


The Outlook mobile app on Android also now allows users to personalize the swipe gestures (just like on the iOS version). You can schedule, flag, move, archive, mark as read/unread, or delete email messages with a swipe to the right or to the left (you get to choose which is which). 


For more information about the latest updates to the Outlook mobile apps for Android and iOS, you can head on to this page.