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Geeksphone Announces Wearable Device That Also Tracks Sexual Activity

Geeksphone Announces Wearable Device That Also Tracks Sexual Activity

Yes, you read that title right. Spain-based mobile device manufacturer Geeksphone has confirmed that its first ever wearable device, GeeksMe, will not only have health and fitness tracking features, but will also be equipped with a sexual activity tracking feature. Geeksphone stated that its smartwatch is scheduled for release some time in the month of June or July later this year.


No specific details have been released yet regarding GeeksMe's sex tracking feature. However, reports have indicated that the feature will not be based on heart rate, although every average Joe seems to think that sexual performance would depend much on how well one's heart functions when doing the deed. Instead, GeeksMe will be measuring the frequency and duration of sex, and for romantic fitness freaks out there, the calories burned intimately.


As stated by Geeksphone, the overall purpose of the sex tracking feature in GeeksMe will help users compile all sorts of data and health-related stats when involved in sexual activities. The sex tracker is also not turned on by default, which means that users will have to activate it manually when they have sex. This may be weird for some users (and their partners), maybe even a turn off for some, but it can be useful as long as the participants have no qualms about recording the wearer's sexual performance.


Apart from monitoring sexual activity, GeeksMe will also evaluate a user's ecological footprint through the use of global positioning system (GPS) data, health and fitness tracking, and other information provided by the wearer such as the amount and types of food and beverages consumed.


Health, fitness, and sexual tracking features notwithstanding, the GeeksMe smartwatch comes with a circular, monochrome OLED display screen. It seems that Geeksphone is emphasizing a design that exudes style and fashion. But given its rather unique tracking features, consumers may be drawn more to its functionality attributes than its looks.


The GeeksMe smartwatch will certainly need a unique selling point if it wants to stand out. Lest we forget, the smartwatch industry is on the verge of exploding into the mainstream. On April, the much awaited Apple Watch will make its launch, and there will certainly be more Android Wear smartwatches lauching in the wake of Apple's almost certain hit. Sex tracking is certainly something that is not common among wearable devices, let alone smartwatches. In that respect, GeeksMe has the advantage. However, some may see the sex tracking feature as nothing more than a novelty feature. Still, if a novelty feature can sway some consumers to buy a smartwatch, then GeeksMe has something going for it. This time, sex truly sells.