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Google Now Allows Nexus Phone Owners To Get Updates Without Waiting

Google Now Allows Nexus Phone Owners To Get Updates Without Waiting

For some time now, Google has always made Nexus and Pixel C factory images available for those users can just can not wait to get the latest updated versions of the tech giant’s Android mobile operating system (also, for those who are looking to acquire means for an alternative restore). But it bears noting that when it comes to Nexus and Pixel C factory images, they are complete system images, which means that when getting them, the user will usually have to wipe his Android device. 


However, things are about to change beginning today. That is because Google has decided to post over the air update images (courtesy of Android Police) for every one of its currently supported Nexus and Pixel C mobile devices. The result is that owners of Nexus smartphones and Pixel C tablets now can grab hold of an immediate update without worrying about the prospect of wiping all their data clean. Moreover, they will no longer have to wait for weeks to get upgraded.


For those not familiar with the concept of downloading an over the air update image, it has actually been done for ages now. These images have been hosted by various third party websites for several years. Even the all powerful Google itself has provided over the air update images for a specific group of users previewing Android N (the next upcoming latest version of the tech giant’s mobile OS following last year’s Android Marshmallow) who either find themselves dealing with glitches that force them to restore, or for those who just want to revert back to Android Marshmallow. 


As for current Nexus and Pixel C device owners, the main difference is that they will no longer have to resort to potentially bogus sources, or even make use of pre-release code in order to try out the latest updates. If all they really want is to acquire the latest fixes to existing bugs, then they can just grab the over the air update images whenever Google makes them available online.


With regards to Google’s over the air update images, the tech giant has served up certain terms and conditions, and interested parties must first agree to these before they can view the images. Google has also provided detailed, step by step instructions on how to activate the update Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is installed. Moreover, Google has suggested that users should make sure to back up personal data before attempting to apply the update. Also, USB debugging should be deactivated when a handset is not being updated.