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Latest iOS Update Causes Error That Locks Up 9.7-Inch iPad Pro Devices

Latest iOS Update Causes Error That Locks Up 9.7-Inch iPad Pro Devices

Here we go again. Right after Apple has deployed an update to its iOS mobile operating system, the Internet has exploded with yet another round of feedback from users complaining of new bugs found in the rollout. This time around, the affected device is the tech giant’s latest tablet offering -- the 9.7 inch iPad Pro


As can be seen on MacRumors support forums, Apple Support Communities, and even on social media (especially on Twitter), affected users are claiming that the iOS 9.3.2 update is causing their 9.7 inch iPad Pro tablet devices to lock up after installing the update. Oh, the tablets will not restart, either.


According to those who encountered the bug, they stated that they got an Error 56 notification, which instructs them to plug their tablets into iTunes. However, after following this step, the error is not rectified. Moreover, when users attempt to restart their iPad Pro device, this course of action only returns the tablet to the same locked up state.


Before deploying updates to mobile operating systems, manufacturers often conduct extensive internal testing in order to make sure everything is where it should be. Apple is no exception to this, but it appears that the release of iOS 9.3 has been fraught with seemingly more than the usual number of glitches.


As stated on a page about iOS errors on Apple’s official website, the Error 56 notification refers to an issue related to hardware. The tech giant has recommended to affected users to make sure they possess the newest version of iTunes, check for issues or incompatibility with third party security software, check if the USB cable is functioning (as well as other hardware components), and then attempt to restore their iPad Pro device at least a couple of times. If this does not improve the situation, then it would be a good time to contact Apple support.


Along with bug fixes, the iOS 9.3.2 update actually promised some good things. For one, it brought support for the simultaneous use of Night Shift and Low Power Mode features. Night Shift is a new feature that lets iOS mobile users reduce the amount of blue light emitting from the display screens of iPhone and iPad devices. The result is that users can sleep better at night. As for Low Power Mode, it allows users to extend the battery life of their iOS device, mainly by lowering the amount of power being used by their handset.