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Google Introduces New Options For Watch Faces On Android Wear Devices

Google Introduces New Options For Watch Faces On Android Wear Devices

Google has always been particular about making information as easily accessible as possible for everybody, including those who own wearable devices that run on its Android Wear operating system. Indeed, the tech giant recently introduced new options for watch faces on devices that are powered by its OS designed specifically for wearables.


The new watch faces will basically allow users to instantly view information such as weather updates or amount of calories burned when they glance at their wearable device, instead of having to switch to a different screen. According to Google, it will be rolling out the new watch faces in the next few weeks.


The new watch faces can change their design with just a single tap, and then proceed to displaying information, or even open a particular app optimized for smartwatches. This latest development from Google is surely a sign that the company is taking feedback from end users quite seriously.


Consumers have apparently sent requests to the company for an easier and quick way to view information that can be conveniently shown via their wearable device’s watch face. It was a year ago when the first of many Android Wear smartwatches were launched in the market. At that time, Google opted for watch faces that were simpler in both design and functionality. The company had thought then that end users might be overwhelmed if Google decided to introduce watch faces that were a bit complex. But since the release of the Apple Watch, the first and only wearable device from Google’s rival Apple, industry watchers and consumers alike realized that having a smartwatch that does lots of things does not sound so complicated after all. 


For the next generation of Android Wear smartwatches, Google is clearly thinking that people are smart enough to figure out new features. The company is certainly upping its game at the back end, urging developers of mobile apps (especially those to be used in wearable devices) to design watch faces with varying styles and functionalities, depending on the needs of different types of smartwatch owners (sporty types, busy types, business oriented types, etc). 


For instance, there is one watch face that is designed by UnderArmour, and it displays a step counter as well as a tracker for the distance the user has traveled on foot. Another watch face has the capability of showing how many unread email messages a user has, or what appointments are upcoming that smartwatch owners need to be reminded of. Browse the other available watch faces now.