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FreedomPop Launches Free International Calling Service

FreedomPop Launches Free International Calling Service

FreedomPop, a mobile virtual network operator for major wireless carrier Sprint, recently launched a free international calling service not only for its subscribers, but for all those interested.


If you are a customer who has the FreedomPop Free Talk and Text app, you will get 100 minutes of free international calls every month. For now, you can make calls to 52 designated countries, but FreedomPop is planning to expand the coverage to over 170 markets in the foreseeable future.


The FreedomPop Free Talk and Text app is available for free to both Android and iOS users, even to those who are not existing customers of FreedomPop. Those who want more than just 100 minutes of international calls may opt to upgrade to 500 minutes of international calls, that is if they are willing to pay $5 each month. Or, they can access unlimited international calls for a monthly $10.


On top of all this, FreedomPop is giving its customers the freedom to secure their own international phone numbers. Customers can then use these numbers to make and take long-distance international calls at domestic rates.


Those who avail of the service will have to pay $4.99 every month. But FreedomPop says that it will offer users international rates that are, on the whole, about 75% cheaper compared to those offered by other wireless service providers or VoIP services (e.g. Skype).


Major wireless carriers in the United States routinely offer additional international calling packages to their customers. But not all of them provide unlimited international calling for one single monthly charge.


For instance, the AT&T World Connect Value Package offers rates as low as $0.01 each minute for $5 per month per line. Sprint, offers international calls for $5 per month, or $0 per minute rates via its International Connect add-on. As for T-Mobile, its Stateside International Talk plan offers unlimited voice calls to 70 countries (with discounted rates in selected regions) for $15 monthly. Lastly, Verizon Wireless offers its customers discounted international rates when they get a $5 monthly International Long Distance Value plan. 


In related news, it appears that FreedomPop is reportedly being considered for acquisition by Sprint. There is no solid confirmation yet regarding the matter, but if it does turn out to be true, it would be not much of a surprise. FreedomPop, despite being a MVNO, seems to have a knack for offering specific services and packages that appeal to certain types of customers, especially those who can do without the usual offers being pushed by wireless carriers. If FreedomPop keeps it up, it may find itself snatched by an interested buyer soon.


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