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T-Mobile unveils new Scam Shield app, turning Sprint stores to T-Mobile store


T-Mobile’s highly teased “Un-carrier” announcement was held via a special webcast earlier today. During the event, the company unveiled their newest Scam Shield app that aims to give customers more control over blocked calls. In addition to blocking callers, T-Mobile will now automatically be blocking calls that it suspects are spam. This basically refers to numbers that have not been “verified” by T-Mobile. 

The Un-carrier is also giving its customers free enhanced caller ID. This feature lets you see a name on your phone whenever someone calls, even if that number is not in your contacts. Postpaid subscribers will also get access to a free secondary phone number. This way, you no longer have to give out your personal number. You can even change your secondary number for free, along with your main number. Other carriers usually charge $36 for this. 

This new app will not be available until July 24th. After that, you can get the app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Scam Shield app also lets you fine-tune call blocking and even gives you a history of the blocked calls. While the app is not yet available, you will need to manually enable ScamShield by calling #662#. If you are a Sprint user, you can download the app, Call Screener, to get similar features. 

Apart from introducing the new app, T-Mobile revealed that it will be turning Sprint retail stores into a T-Mobile store beginning August 2.