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Verizon customers see decline in robocalls received


For quite some time now, regulators and legislators have been doing their best to put robocalls out of business. Service providers have since followed their regulations and have implemented new ways to protect their customers. In a way, it looks like these efforts have not gone unnoticed as more consumers report dealing with fewer unwanted robocalls than before. 

Over the course of three months, Verizon reported that they had a decline of over 30% of unwanted calls. This is thanks to the carrier’s continuous efforts on thwarting robocalls through its Call Filter app. But even with this decline, there have been some robocallers that changed their strategy. Almost 40 new COVID-19 related scams have been identified by Verizon since March. These scams follow the same format and are preying on the current fears of public health.  

Verizon Consumer Group’s chief executive, Ronan Dunne shared: 

“In addition to improving the tools our customers can use to protect themselves via services like Call Filter, Verizon is actively working to help government enforcement agencies root out the bad actors by initiating tracebacks of illegal robocall campaigns.”

The executive shared that their efforts have “helped contribute to seven consecutive months of decline in unwanted robocalls, and we continue to make significant progress on behalf of our customers.”

Verizon’s robocall analytics partner Transaction Network Services (TNS) also noted a significant drop in the number of spam calls during this period. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) revealed that there has been a 68% decrease in robocall complaints in April compared with last year’s number. In May, the number went down to 60%.

You can read the full report here.